More men than women still have affairs. Women do have affairs, but perhaps not in the same way. But, there is something that women are really good at, and that is sniffing out if their men are having an affair. One of my best girlfriends at our London escorts agency, left London escorts to get married to this rather rich guy. On the surface of it, he seemed really nice, but what my friend did not know, was that he was a serial offender when it came to extra martial affairs.

My friend who had been working for cheap escorts, should have read the warnings signs. Her experience of dealing with men at London escorts did tell her that this guy had a problem He was 50 years old and had already been married 3 times. That is perhaps common in the US, but in the UK, it is far less common to have been married 3 times before the age of 50. As soon as I heard that, I asked my friend to find out what was going on.

But, my friend was madly in love and left London escorts at a drop of a hat. She seemed to be happily working for our London escorts agency one minute, and the next minute she was walking down the aisle. She did not even invite a lot of the girls from London escorts. I think that I was the only girl from our London escorts agency that was invited to attend the wedding. I guess she was a bit annoyed with the other girls as they had been such doomsayers.

Anyway, my friend’s new husband was a keen golfer. He was not the sort of guy who would spend all day at the office. Instead, he would often take the afternoon off and play golf. At first, it did not bother my friend. But after a couple of months, she really did begin to wonder why she had left London escorts in the first place. The man she had married was seldom at home and she become increasingly curious about what was going on.

She had noticed that her husband seemed to be having a lot of golf lessons. She did not mind, but as he had a really good handicap, it did make her wonder why. I did not say anything to the other girls at the London escorts agency I work for in central London, but it was clear that something was wrong with my friends marriage. Her husband was always at the golf course either playing golf or having a lesson. In the end, it turned out that not only was he playing golf, he was also playing away from home. He apparently had a thing about golf club receptionist. Little wonder my friend had always been asked to dress up as a receptionist when they first met at London escorts.

Maybe he has a thing for cheap escorts or relationships with receptionist you could classify it as a fetish, however an affair is too far.

Signs Of An Affair
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